The purpose of the Santa Rosa Rancheria Tachi-Yokut Benefits Department is to:

  • Provide eligible employees quality assistance and professional expertise in enrollment, communication and administration of employee and tribal member benefits per the Santa Rosa Rancheria Plans and Policies.
  • Continually strive to deliver prompt, current and accurate information to enable employees to make informed choices.
  • Administer a benefits package that is not only a major part of total compensation, but also an important personal benefit.

The following are the areas of assistance and expertise provided by our department: Tribal Member Health Insurance, Tribal Employee Health Insurance, Employee Voluntary Benefits, 401(K) Retirement, Employee Leave of Absence, Family Medical Leave, On-line Medicare Enrollments, Employee Workers' Compensation.

Contact Information

Shelly Reese
Phone: (559) 924-1278 x4053
Fax: (559) 925-2994

Francine Daley
Phone: (559) 924-1278 x4044
Fax: (559) 925-2994