Our Mission

The Recreation Department is committed to providing quality year round programming for youth who are Tribal Members, Direct Decedents, and Lineal Decedents of a Tribal Member, Native Americans and Community Residents. By building nurturing relationships and offering meaningful learning, recreational, and sports, opportunities that promote positive and healthy lifelong skills.

The After school/Summer program goals is to provide a variety of Social, Athletic and Cultural opportunities through our programs. Activities and events in a positive professional and service-oriented approach that responds to the recreational need of the Santa Rosa Rancheria Tachi-Yokut Tribe by:

  • Providing activities, physical fitness and supervision as an alternative to students going home directly after school.
  • Allow available time for children to relax and stretch their bodies and minds. Explore their own interests, provide local and long distance field trips.
  • To provide an environment where children have fun learning and discovering through materials and activities that challenge them to try novel ideas and encourage creativity.
  • Meeting the developmental needs of all the children by providing age-appropriate activities and material that will aid them to make sense of their world and give them a sense of accomplishment.
  • Giving children the chance to make choices to work alone, in small groups, or in large groups engaged in either active or quiet activities that are adult supervised.
  • To teach children some responsibility by being involved in planning activities, serving meals and cleaning up.
  • Allow children the time to participate in extensive or quick teaching of Arts, Crafts, Cooking and Native American Cultural activities and projects.

A monthly newsletter of activities, photos, and Recreation/Sports calendars of events information is sent out to the community at the beginning of the each month.  Flyers are sent out to parents and youth of events, changes or reminders.

Recreation Department Staff

Donzia Morales


Santa Rosa Rancheria Recreation Department Contact Info.

16085 Jersey Ave
Lemoore, CA 93245

Phone: 559-924-6961
Fax: 559-924-7812