Housing Department

The Housing Department was established in 1999 with the purpose to provide and monitor the housing needs of our tribe. The Santa Rosa Rancheria Tachi-Yokut Tribe has continually sought to improve and provide suitable housing for our community. The Housing Department is constantly figuring out ways to improve, build and enhance our reservation by providing and maintaining the Tribal homes provided to our Tribal members.

We are rapidly growing as community, and as a Tribe, therefore the need to meet the demands for housing is a continuous concern. Throughout the years, several phases of homes have been built, existing homes have been renovated and to this day homes are being updated to meet the changing County and State requirements. The Housing Staff has put in a lot of hard work and dedication to improve the department, thereby improving our community and our future.

Currently our department consists of Housing Director, Housing Secretary, and Housing Coordinator. The goals and directives of the Housing Staff is to ensure that the Santa Rosa Rancheria is free of substandard and inadequate homes. Each staff member plays a vital role in meeting the demands of the community.

For further questions or concerns, you may call the Housing Department at:  (559) 924-1278 Ext. 4009

Housing Department Staff

Joseph Perry


Avelina Brenes


Dion Barrios