Employment current open positions

Mental Health CounselorFull Time
Mental Health Counselor Requisition

Rehab & Subs Abuse Case ManagerFull Time
Rehab & Substance Abuse Case Manager Requisition

Prevention/Intervention Specialist Full Time
Prevention/Intervention Specialist Requisition

Public Safety Director Full Time
Public Safety Director Requisition

Public Safety Lieutenant
 - Full Time
Public Safety Lieutenant Requisition

Public Safety Officer II - Full Time
DPS Public Safety Officer II Requisition

Public Safety Officer III - Full Time
DPS Public Safety Officer III Requisition

Solid Waste Coordinator E.P.A. - Full Time
Solid Waste Coordinator Requisition

Internal Audit Auditor I - Full Time
Internal Auditor I Requisition

Network Administrator
 - Full Time
Network Administrator Requisition

System Administrator - Full Time
System Administrator Requisition

Tech Support Specialist - Full Time
Tech Support Specialist Requisition

Wireless Network Technician - Full Time
Wireless Network Technician Requisition

Security Engineer
 - Full Time
Security Engineer Requisition

Surveillance Agent Full Time
Surveillance Agent Requisition

Surveillance Technician - Full Time
Surveillance Technician Requisition

Compliance officer Full Time
Compliance Officer Requisition

Compliance Supervisor- Full Time
Compliance Supervisor Requisition

Finance Staff Accountant
 - Full Time
Finance Staff Accountant Requisition

Emergency Responder I Full Time
Emergency Responder I Requisition

Director of Public Works - Full Time
Director of Public Works Requisition

Cultural Monitor - Full Time
Cultural Monitor Requisition

Cultural Monitor Specialist I - Full Time
Cultural Monitor Specialist I Requisition

Accounting Clerk II - Full Time
Accounting Clerk II Requisition