Elders Center

Our Vision

Future plans to establish assisted living program for short and long term housing. This includes a convalescent rehabilitation and hospitalization for health care.

Our Mission

The Santa Rosa Rancheria Elder's Recreation Center provides services for Tribal Members 50 years and over and their spouses who live on or off the Rancheria. We also provide service for Tribal Members who are handicapped and Native American 50 years and over who reside on the Rancheria. The Center is a social environment, which provides support, housing, awareness, recreation, nutrition and entertainment for the Tribal Elders. The Elder Center staff will also embrace and learn what our Tribal Elders hold as tradition and culture. The Elder Center's goal is to provide an opportunity to maintain a vital role in the life and tradition of all our Tribal Elders.

Elders Center Staff

Debbie Jaeger


Gloria Melendrez

Assistant Director

Yvonne Valentine

Administrative Assistant

Susie Martinez

Activities Coordinator

John Ramirez

Security Supervisor

Santa Rosa Rancheria Elder's Center Contact Info.

16445 17th Avenue
Lemoore, CA 93245

Phone: (559) 924-2500
Fax: (559) 924-2960