Public Safety

Santa Rosa Rancheria Department of Public Safety
16835 #C Alkali Drive Lemoore, CA 93245

Phone: 559-925-2835 ~ Fax: 559-925-2839




DPS Staff

Joseph Miranda


Jacob Milliron


Miguel Gomez


Jacory Payton


Our Mission

The Santa Rosa Rancheria, Tribal Government, Members and Community, require and expect all Officers and Dispatchers of the Tribal Department of Public Safety to conduct themselves at all times, in a manner reasonable and commensurate with their job descriptions and responsibilities. To enforce Tribal law and community ordinances within their discretion to do so, while acting in the best interests of and for the community’s common good and in good faith at all times. All staff should accept the Departmental badge as a sign of the Community’s faith and trust and shall display a Spirit of Professionalism and maintain a clear sense of commitment, innovation and a constant environment encouraging teamwork and continuous improvement.

Officers and Dispatchers are expected to commit to and upholding their positions of trust by not abusing said trust and maintaining the highest degree of ethical standards with integrity, being the starting, central and finishing focal point of all their actions. The Santa Rosa Rancheria Department of Public Safety is a community service oriented department and all Officers and Dispatchers are expected to provide service and assistance in a manner that is timely, courteous, fair and professional.

The Santa Rosa Rancheria Department of Public Safety is a progressive entity of the Tachi-Yokut Indian Nation, Tribal Government. The DPS Officers are sanctioned by the Tribal Government to provide the Tribal community, employees, guest and assets of the Tribe, with standard police services and protections. The DPS utilizes state of the art tools and equipment to accomplish their mandate. Which includes a computer aided dispatch system (CAD), a computerized report management system (RMS), and the most recent innovations in personal protection equipment and training. The DPS has adopted the industry's education and training standard for its officers with a highly competitive compensation and benefit package.